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TCM / Acupuncture

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an ancient practice combining acupuncture, herbal medicine, cupping, and diet therapy.

After a TCM diagnosis has been made, the practitioner will use small needles to manipulate acupuncture points in an attempt to guide the body back to homeostasis and regain smooth flow and circulation throughout the body. Acupuncture can be used to prevent or overcome illnesses of both mind and body.

TCM / Acupuncture services offered:

Refers to inserting a fine needle into a painfully contracted muscle to create a local twitch response. Active trigger points create local or referred pain in the body, Dry needling decreases muscle contraction, improves flexibility, and decreases pain.

Cupping is used to decrease pain and increase tissue mobility. Oxygen is removed from the cup to create soft tissue decompression. This promotes blood flow, oxygen and nutrient delivery, and cellular repair. Metabolic by-products can be eliminated, restoring circulation and lymphatic flow.

Electrical impulses can be added to inserted needles at different frequencies in order to modulate pain or improve muscular activation.

Proactive care for females without the use of medication or surgery.

A personal guide or coach that helps implement lifestyle changes to improve physical and mental health.

By way of providing physical substances to the body, herbal medicine can be prescribed as a single herb or combination of herbs which have a synergistic effect. Each herb or food has a specific energetic quality including thermogenic nature and the organ it affects.

Acupuncture needles are used on motor points with an electrical impulse, to create contraction and relaxation of tight bands of muscle. This resets the muscle to its proper length.

Natural herbs which are synergistic to the body.

The use of red light to improve blood flow and synthesize collagen

Nutritional advice and evaluation to improve performance and recovery for athletes

Advice and treatment of sport acquired injuries.

Muscle tests are used to understand pain, dysfunction or injury. The Extore System is used to assess range of motion and test for muscle inhibition, This helps to determine the treatment plan approach.

Including acupuncture, diet, herbal therapy, meditation, physical exercise, and massage.

We can help you with:


Achilles tendinitis ○ Achilles tendonopathy ○ ACL injury ○ Adductor tear ○ Ankle sprain ○ Anterior cruciate ligament injury ○ Autoimmune disease ○ Car accident ○ Carpal tunnel syndrome ○ Cervical radiculopathy ○ Collar bone fracture ○ Collar bone pain ○ Concussion ○ Concussion therapy ○ Conservative care ○ Disc herniation ○ Disc pain ○ Dizziness ○ Facet arthropathy ○ Fat pad syndrome ○ Femur fracture ○ Fibula fracture ○ Fracture ○ Frozen shoulder ○ Golfers elbow ○ Green stick fracture ○ Groin pull ○ Hamstring tear ○ Headache treatment ○ Headaches ○ Heel pain ○ Hip adjustments ○ Hip bursitis ○ Hip pain ○ Hip stiffness ○ Humerus fracture ○ Injury prevention ○ Intercostal neuralgia ○ IT band syndrome ○ Knee pain ○ Knee rehabilitation ○ Kyphosis ○ Lordosis ○ Low back pain ○ Lumbar disc compression ○ Lumbar disc injury ○ Lumbar disc sprain ○ Mental health ○ Metatarsalgia ○ Migraine ○ MTSS (shin splints) ○ Neck pain ○ Neck stiffness ○ Nerve entrapment ○ Orthotic prescription ○ Orthotic treatment ○ Orthotics ○ Osteoarthritis ○ Osteoporosis ○ Pain relief ○ Patella femoral pain ○ Plantar fasciitis ○ Post concussion symptoms ○ Post concussion syndrome ○ Repetitive stress injury ○ Prenatal and postnatal pregnancy care ○ Rheumatoid arthritis ○ Rotator cuff injury ○ Running injuries ○ Sciatica ○ Shin splints ○ Shoulder bursitis ○ Shoulder impingement ○ Shoulder strain ○ Sleep disturbance ○ Spinal stenosis ○ Sports injury prevention ○ Sprain ○ Strain ○ Stress fracture ○ Stress reduction ○ Stress relief ○ Tendinitis ○ Tendonopathy ○ Tennis elbow ○ Thoracic disc compression ○ Thoracic disc injury ○ Thoracic disc sprain ○ Thoracic outlet syndrome ○ Tibia fracture ○ TMJ ○ Ultra running injuries and prevention ○ Vertigo treatment ○ Whiplash ○ Wrist pain

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