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Massage Therapy

Massage therapists are licensed healthcare professionals who work alongside our healthcare team to improve blood flow, myofascial gliding and facilitate the proper functioning of the body. They use myofascial release, Swedish massage, lymphatic drainage techniques and joint mobilization depending on the individual needs of the patient. These treatment techniques help to create a calm and comfortable space to rest, regenerate and heal. Our massage therapists communicate regularly with our team to ensure that we maintain a client centered approach and continuity of care. 

Massage Therapy services offered:

Joint mobilization is a skilled manual therapy technique which aims to improve joint range of motion and reduce pain. Joint mobilization uses targeted pressures or forces on a joint in specific directions to improve the mobility of that joint.  It can be performed at different levels of intensity, keeping the comfort of the patient in mind through guided feedback.  It is usually pain-free.

Benefits of Joint Mobilization include:

  • Improved range of motion
  • Reduced pain
  • Improved joint mechanics

Myofascial release is a very beneficial technique that can be used in conjunction with other techniques or all on its own. Fascia is a connective tissue as well as a whole system that provides support and structural scaffolding within the body. The fascial system consists of many layers, encompassing groups of muscles and dividing them into compartments; covering individual muscles and organs; all the way down to the cells of the muscles. Within these sheets of fascia runs our nerves and blood vessels.

Myofascial release aims to decrease adhesions and myofascial trigger points, which can increase the health of the tissues within the body by allowing optimal blood flow or nervous system activity to the muscle tissues. Fascial adhesions form when we have a lifestyle of limited physical activity, repetitive actions, habitual poor posture/work related positions, or from trauma such as injury or surgery.

Benefits of myofascial release include:

  • Increased range of motion
  • Decreased muscle pain
  • Improved tissue recovery process
  • Overall relaxation
  • Improved circulation
  • Relief of tension, knots, and stress

Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) is a specialized form of manual therapy that corrects pain and dysfunction through the treatment of fascial patterns, muscle adhesions, and trigger points. These can all form due to a series of repetitive movements, a specific postural pattern, or injury/trauma.

Benefits of NMT include:

  • Restoring physiological body mechanics
  • Creating balance between central nervous and musculoskeletal systems
  • Decreasing the hyper constriction and spasm of soft tissue
  • Restoring flexibility and rebuilding strength

Swedish Massage is among the most common type of massage therapies. The main goal of Swedish Massage is full body relaxation. Light to moderate pressure is used, along with long strokes, allowing the return of blood to the heart, as well as inducing a state of relaxation. It also uses the combination of soft, long, rhythmic, and tapping strokes with joints’ movement.

Benefits of Swedish Massage include:

  • Pain management
  • Increased local blood flow
  • Rehabilitation for muscle injuries
  • Increased flexibility
  • Reduced stress
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved immune system


We can help you with:


Achilles tendinitis ○ Achilles tendonopathy ○ ACL injury ○ Adductor tear ○ Ankle sprain ○ Anterior cruciate ligament injury ○ Autoimmune disease ○ Car accident ○ Carpal tunnel syndrome ○ Cervical radiculopathy ○ Collar bone fracture ○ Collar bone pain ○ Concussion ○ Concussion therapy ○ Conservative care ○ Disc herniation ○ Disc pain ○ Dizziness ○ Facet arthropathy ○ Fat pad syndrome ○ Femur fracture ○ Fibula fracture ○ Fracture ○ Frozen shoulder ○ Golfers elbow ○ Green stick fracture ○ Groin pull ○ Hamstring tear ○ Headache treatment ○ Headaches ○ Heel pain ○ Hip adjustments ○ Hip bursitis ○ Hip pain ○ Hip stiffness ○ Humerus fracture ○ Injury prevention ○ Intercostal neuralgia ○ IT band syndrome ○ Knee pain ○ Knee rehabilitation ○ Kyphosis ○ Lordosis ○ Low back pain ○ Lumbar disc compression ○ Lumbar disc injury ○ Lumbar disc sprain ○ Mental health ○ Metatarsalgia ○ Migraine ○ MTSS (shin splints) ○ Neck pain ○ Neck stiffness ○ Nerve entrapment ○ Orthotic prescription ○ Orthotic treatment ○ Orthotics ○ Osteoarthritis ○ Osteoporosis ○ Pain relief ○ Patella femoral pain ○ Plantar fasciitis ○ Post concussion symptoms ○ Post concussion syndrome ○ Repetitive stress injury ○ Prenatal and postnatal pregnancy care ○ Rheumatoid arthritis ○ Rotator cuff injury ○ Running injuries ○ Sciatica ○ Shin splints ○ Shoulder bursitis ○ Shoulder impingement ○ Shoulder strain ○ Sleep disturbance ○ Spinal stenosis ○ Sports injury prevention ○ Sprain ○ Strain ○ Stress fracture ○ Stress reduction ○ Stress relief ○ Tendinitis ○ Tendonopathy ○ Tennis elbow ○ Thoracic disc compression ○ Thoracic disc injury ○ Thoracic disc sprain ○ Thoracic outlet syndrome ○ Tibia fracture ○ TMJ ○ Ultra running injuries and prevention ○ Vertigo treatment ○ Whiplash ○ Wrist pain

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